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Glass Designs

At Glass Designs, everything we do is made to your specifications, so the more information you can provide us at the estimate stage, the better we can help you by providing accurate costs and lead times.

Our team

Our in-house installation team has extensive knowledge of products and will install your new staircase, guaranteeing quality and timely installation.

Unique manufacturing process

This unique manufacturing process allows us to create one-of-a-kind staircases in just a few simple, well, steps. We’ll visit your home to take precise measurements and then work with you to choose the materials and finishes that will work best with your interior.
When requesting an estimate, if possible, please let us know the following:
  • What type of glass you require
  • The end use of the product(s)
  • What industry and sector your project is for
  • The take-off quantities
  • When you need it by
  • Any call-off dates (if known)
  • Whether it is survey and installation, or supply only
  • Proposed delivery or install address (if known – if not known prices quoted will be ex-works)
  • Your contact detail

Our products

Our products are not always equivalent to other products you may have received prices for, and we take great care to identify the additional value added by elements like protective backing or water based paint. We do ask that you read all estimates carefully to ensure that any price comparisons are fair and like-for-like.
If you require an estimate, or have a project or idea which you would like to discuss, please just give us a call on 646-820-7599