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If you have access to the roof of your home or have a large terrace, you can really kick off and relax in style during the summer months. But all that means nothing if your open space isn’t properly protected. Make sure that no one accidentally stumbles and gets injured with a reliable railing made from a sturdy material. Our selection of external post system railings definitely has enough to choose from for yourself to find something that matches your expectations. Glass stairs is one of the USA leading manufacturers of railings, railings, stares, and a great number of other related products.

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We offer a tremendous selection of high-quality materials such as glass, metal, wood, and many others. All of them are handled by experts in the industry who put a great amount of care into every product, making sure it delivers a level of polish and security that will meet even the strictest standards. And although our external post railings are of high quality, our prices remain very competitive!

It doesn’t matter if you live in the flat or house or just need a railings in front of your office. Your exterior is definitely a valuable and eye catching part of the building. It’s where you can catch a bit of sunny spells, enjoy the sky and the rest of nature’s charms from the comfort of your own space. Wide variety of frameless systems, top quality products and what is the most important experienced team will do their best to fulfil your expectations. We will make sure that your balcony, patio or terrace balustrade will meet all of the needed requirements and design desires.

Glass Stairs is one of the leading manufacturers of stairs, railings, and many other related products in the USA. We offer a staggering selection of frameless fittings made from best materials and complying with American Standards. If you’re looking to improve your exterior design we are here to help you achieve comfortable, stylish and safe surrounding!

U Shaped stairs are basically 2 parallel flights of straight stairs joined by by a landing that requires 180 degree turn in the walk line. If a third flight is inserted into the middle of the stairs, it would become a double L stair (or quarter landing).

Advantages of U shaped Stairs:

  • U shaped stairs can be easier to fit into an architectural plan.
  • They offer some architectural interest.
  • The landing(s) can offer a resting point part way up the stairs.

Disadvantages of U shaped Stairs:

  • These types of stairs are a bit more difficult to build.
Straight Stairs new york

Spiral stairs are a often confused with curved stairs. Although, both types of stairs follow a helical arc (like the shape of a spring), spiral stairs usually are made very compact and the treads radiate around a center pole.

Advantages of Spiral Stairs:

  • One of the key advantages of spiral stairs is their compactness. They are very popular on beach front decks where space is at a premium. They are also used extensively on city lofts for the same reason.
  • Spiral stairs can be attractive and there are may variations on railings styles which can have a major impact on the overall appearance of the stair.
  • Since the center pole and landing typically provide the structural support for the stairs, they do not need much in the way of extra support structures making installation easier than many other types of stairs.

Disadvantages of Spiral Stairs:

  • Spiral stairs are more difficult to navigate than other types of stairs. It is for this reason that codes do not allow them to be used as the primary access to a full second floor of a home. Walk ability improves as the outside diameter gets larger so if you have the space, you may want to consider going a bit larger. We recommend going 5 feet in diameter if you can.
  • It is difficult to carry large items up spiral stairs.
  • Only one person can go up or down the stairs at the same time.
Straight Stairs new york

Straight stairs are certainly one of the most common types of stairs found in both residential and commercial properties.

Advantages of straight Stairs:

  • Straight stairs tend to be the easiest to go up and down or ascend/descend as we say in the industry.
  • They are typically the easiest to build however this depends allot on the level of detail in the design.
  • Straight stairs only need to be connected at the top and the bottom (no intermediate supporting structure is required).
  • They work well with minimalist designed homes due to their inherent simplicity.
  • By selecting thinner treads, open risers and thin metal stringers, straight stairs can be made more transparent than other types of stairs allowing less obstruction to the view beyond.
  • No landing is required if the number of risers are kept under 16 or the overall vertical height is less than 12 feet.
  • Its relatively easy to build railings and handrails for straight stairs.
  • Measuring for railings is simpler also.
Straight Stairs new york

Disadvantages of straight stairs:

  • Straight stairs use up a fair amount of linear space which has to be planned for in your design.
  • Some of the other stair types create a privacy barrier between the floors of your home. Straight stairs do not offer this privacy.
  • A stair 12 feet high requires a landing to break up the span. The addition of a landing will use up allot more space and therefore these types of stairs are seldom used in residential construction. You will see these more frequently in large commercial buildings.
Straight Stairs new york

L Shaped stairs

The L shaped stair is a variation of the straight stair with a bend in some portion of the stair. This bend is usually achieved by adding a landing at the bend transition point. The bend is often 90 degrees, however it does not have to be. If the landing is closer to the top or bottom of the stairs it is sometimes referred to as a long L stair.

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Winder stairs

Winder stairs are a variation of an L shaped stair but instead of a flat landing, they have pie shaped or triangular steps at the corner transition.

Advantages of Winder Stairs:

  • The main advantage of winder stairs is that they require less space than many other types of stairs. They are very common in older homes, often used as a secondary staircase where the grand staircase may have been in the entry and the winder used as a access to the kitchen.
  • They have more visual interest. Winder stairs seem to create a more seamless transition,visually, as they meander around corners. For this reason they have gained popularity in modern homes. Their compactness has also made them attractive in sustainable home designs

Disadvantages of Winder Stairs:

  • Winder stairs are a little harder to navigate than L stairs.
  • It can be more difficult to add a handrail to these than some of the other types of stairs.
  • Like L shaped stairs, a center support is typically required.
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